Notice: This page is about the character. To see the page about the species, go to Needle (species)

Needle is a character from BFDI who made her first sieries appearance in SITASN.

Needle's Dia picture.

She is known for slapping other people, as she almost slapped Shadow Needle for calling her Needy in SITASN 1a. Needle has only had one user who never participated: Triple Twin.


Needle often listens to what Space Needle has to say, even if he takes too long with his stories. She seems to be caring towards Space Needle and others. She hates being called Needy, and feels miserable when the other objects do it to tease her.



Person Slapped # of times slapped Which Episodes?
Shadow Needle 1 SITASN 1a


  • Needle may slap more people in an upcoming series: SIPAN.