SITASN 0a is the first episode and the sign up episode of SITASN. So far, it is the episode with the most views. In this episode, all of the characters make their debuts.


See SITASN 0a/Transcript


  • SITASN 0a's original thumbnail looks like it's current one but it's missing Sunny Tack.
  • This episode was realeased on Aug 11, 2016, meaning it is a year old.
  • In the thumbnail, Tack's face is based off his intro pose.
  • In this episode, Pin was called "BFDI Pin," Needle was called "BFDI Needle," and Tack was called "OL Tack."
  • The episode managed to get 11/15 people signed in.

SITASN 0a's unused thumbnail.