After introEdit


Hey look. It's the Pin Cruiser! I wonder how the pins are doing good in waiting.
-zooms in on ship-

Scene 1Edit


laying on bed looking at Ice Token
-insert wave attacking boat-


WOAH! (Mama mia!)

Scene 2Edit

camera zooms out to show oncoming storm


Uh oh.. there's a storm up ahead!

Scene 3Edit

zooms up to a box with people's names on it


these are the people who signed up before i made this video.
shows these names in order:
  • Pin - Lord_Harry
  • Tack- T.A.C.
  • Sweater Needy- Clash Royale
  • Lavender Tack- TehEpicMarbles
  • Shadow Needy- Puppet Master
  • Navy Needy- Raz

Scene 4Edit

shows these names:
  • Upside Down Tack- Ryan the Mudkip Trainer
  • Space Needle- thewondertwins2
  • Sunny Tack- The Magestic Bellsprout
  • Pink Pin- Bomby bomb
  • Target Needle- SSKN! Media Group


If your put at the end of the list, I do not hate you. I put these in order randomly.

Scene 5Edit

Under construction

"We're working on it!"

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